Andrew Alstin Antique Restoration, Period Reproductions and handcrafted furnitureUnlike any custom furniture makers in Melbourne or Sydney

Imagine having something that was truly one-of-a-kind. My name is Andrew Alstin and I’ve been producing handcrafted furniture for people from Melbourne to Sydney to Perth and around the world for nearly three decades. My furniture is truly unique. Whether you’re looking for a table made from salvaged timber or a stunning reproduction of an antique piece, you’ll be satisfied working with me.

Be part of the creation of something beautiful. I love involving my clients in the production of their pieces. Often the choice of design or material has specific significance to them. I’ve made desks from a historic wool press a client had on their property, and I’ve helped to capture elements of some customers’ pasts by evoking the furniture of their childhood. Something from your past or that you once saw in a book can easily become a beautiful piece of furniture.

Handcrafted furniture Melbourne

My furniture is different from what you’d find in a store because it’s personalised. No off-the-rack clothing is ever going to suit you as well as a bespoke garment, and my pieces follow the same philosophy. Here is the chance to fill your home with something that reflects your personality and your history. Choose your materials and your style and I’ll make something that you’ll want to keep forever.

Handcrafted furniture for every room in the house

Whether you’re looking for a contemporary style to suit a modern home or want a reproduction of an antique, I can help. I love a challenge and love the chance to test my abilities, so I welcome any idea. Many of my customers have never commissioned custom furniture before, so I encourage them to be as specific and exacting as they want so they get precisely what they’re after.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind dining table or a beautiful bed or even something more unusual like a harp, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the country’s most skilled furniture makers. From my Hamilton workshop I’ve helped people in Melbourne, Sydney and around the world make their homes and lives a bit more attractive. Everything from end-of-bed trunks to writing desks have come out of my shop. If it’s made of timber, I can build it.

To learn more, call me today on 61 3 5572 5272 or send an email to Explain what you want to me and we’ll work together to make it a reality. Once you have it, you’ll never let it go.