Andrew Alstin Antique Restoration and Period Reproductions, antique reproduction deskBeautiful custom made antique repoduction desks just outside of Melbourne

Don’t settle for something pre-made. My custom antique desks have graced executive offices in Sydney, Melbourne and around the world. Made to your specifications and in the style and materials of your choosing, here is a way to add a personal touch to your work life.

Get a work surface that reflects the job you do and the unique way you do it. Whether you want a desk that harks back to the enormous writing tables of the 19th century and earlier, or a more compact style more suited to today’s laptops than yesteryear’s pen and paper, I can easily accommodate you.

Many people have a very specific idea of the type of desk that they want, and I can produce something that helps you work smarter and faster. If you’re a draughtsman, a writer, an artist, a CEO or anyone who needs a hard, flat surface to work on, I can create something uniquely suited to your job.

More than just beautiful desks

As with all of my furniture, my custom antique desks are something unlike any you’ll find in even the most specific Melbourne or Sydney store. Here is a chance to have a piece of furniture that lovingly mimics the skill and craftsmanship of the past in beautiful, lustrous Australian timber. I can produce custom antique desks out of nearly anything – I’ve made tables out of wool presses and rafters. I always look forward to the next challenge, so I encourage my clients to approach me with all ideas.

I can also work from drawings or photographs as a base. If you’ve found something you truly loved in a book or have a memory you can sketch out, I can take it from there and bring that to life. If you’d like a one of a kind chest of drawers, bookcase or dining table, I can do the same.

Based in Hamilton a few hours west of Melbourne, my workshop is a short drive from one of Australia’s biggest cities. If you’re unable to collect in person, I can help you arrange delivery at extra cost anywhere in the world.

To find out more about my work, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. Call my workshop on 61 3 5572 5272, or if you’d prefer to send me an email, reach me at and together we can create something spectacular.